Keith Barry is known for his mentalism, acclaimed TV shows, daring escapes and spectacular performances that startle and delight audiences around the world. In his recently released and much acclaimed book ‘Brain Hacks’, Keith shares vulnerable life lessons, putting himself out there so we can take the next step without fear. Chatting with Keith uncovered personal truths, tales of resilience and why for him, fatherhood brings its own kind of magic. Here we share a glimpse into the interview and focus on Keith’s relationship with his Dad ahead of Father’s Day this weekend.

How would you describe your parenting style and have you brought vulnerability into this role?

Well, I have an unorthodox parenting style (laughing) – I was only talking to my kids about it yesterday! My daughter said, “You are the fun Dad” and it made me very happy, but I’m not always a fun Dad, that’s the funny part about it! I try to be creative with my kids and get them to think outside the box. I don’t have all the answers, but I think there are a few important things; digital distraction is a massive thing right now so we’ve a ‘no phones at the dinner table’ rule. I’m not righteous about it, but for me it’s about encouraging behaviours that will serve them well as they move into their late teens and adulthood. There are behaviours they could be encouraged to engage in that have long term consequences, and we are aware of those. I have an open dialogue with my kids, and it’s important for people to know it’s okay to have those conversations.

Keith Barry
What is your relationship with your own Dad like?

Like any teenager, it was difficult in parts but for many years, we have been best friends. My Dad is an intellect and a genius with a wild side. I don’t know how my mother has contained him, because he is the party animal of the family! I go fishing with him all the time, and he is one of the lads, it is always us, and my Dad. We went to Sligo after lockdown, cooked up our dinner, and had a blast! He inspires me, and we’re always getting into lighthearted trouble together, which is fun- if you’re going to get in trouble with anyone, do it with your Dad! Any chance I get, I spend time with him.

Keith Barry’s book ‘Brain Hacks’ (Gill Books) is available in all good bookstores. You can also follow him on Instagram @keithbarry or watch The Keith Barry Experience on RTE.
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