Top Irish Food Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following in 2020

Attention foodies!
Instagram food accounts have grown incredibly popular because they give us inspiration, they makes us hungry, hangry sometimes but above anything else, they give us quality content that we never knew we needed.

Between the food bloggers, the food artists and the foodies, we apparently simply cannot get enough of food…

So here are 5 Irish Food Instagram accounts you should be following in 2020.

*Featured Image:Photo by Ella Olsson from Pexels

1. @galwayfoodies

However satisfying it is to see finger-licking, Pinterest-looking good food on our Instagram feed, wouldn’t it be even better if we could actually taste it? The @galwayfoodies post pictures of their favourite food around the city so that we have no FOMO. No fear of you missing out because all restaurants are located near you! Table for one please!

2. @foodnationireland

If you’re looking for #CheatDay inspiration, this is the place to be. Travelling to restaurants around Ireland, Kathleen spends a lot of time in Galway and gives us the cheese-y content we love. Fair warning if you have decided to go on a diet this new year, it may be best to just scroll on to our next Instagram food accounts. (A lot of burgers and chips involved here!).


3. @eggcellentcakes

This Galway-based cake designer gives us incredible ideas for themed birthday cakes or wedding cakes. Her aesthetically-pleasing work is quite literally eye-candy and we cannot get enough of her colourful creations.


4. @jrryall

This Cork-based chef’s account is the perfect combination of our two favourite things: food and ‘oddly satifying’ feels. His account will mesmirise you with his spiral-shaped cakes or perfectly symmetrical creations. Click it, you will not regret it.


5. @dannythehungryvegan

Danny opened his Instagram account at the beginning of the year, embarking on the Veganuary boat. Sharing his delicious vegan meals and his passionate love for plant based ‘sweets and treats’, he will make you get onboard the vegan life too.


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