Ireland’s Largest Gin Parlour to Open in Galway

Hyde Gin Bar Galway
On April 27th 2018, Hyde Bar & Gin Parlour, Ireland’s largest Gin parlour will open in Galway city. Speaking about the opening, Marketing Manager, Douglas Leddin explains that ‘Galway desperately needed a bright, colorful venue where people wanted to go and enjoy themselves on a night out or during the day for lunch or meet friends for big weekend brunch.”
He goes on to add “We wanted to have one of the largest collections of Gin in Ireland and with 500 I think it’s safe to say we have that title. We had friends from around the world collect Gin for us over the last twelve months and worked closely with the Celtic whiskey store who recently ran the very successful Gin Experience in Dublin Castle, in order to help us source so many gins from around the world.
Our most unusual gin has to be “Unicorn Tears Gin” which isn’t made from real unicorns tears as they don’t cry due to their happy nature.
It’s made from a bunch of secret ingredients on a unicorn farm in a secret location resulting in a bittersweet gin experience and an iridescent glittery appearance.

Our gin bible is done in handmade leather to match our ‘uniformal’ handmade aprons and will contain all our gins by country this is something we have worked very hard on for over the last six months and are extremely proud of, as it’s like nothing else seen here in Ireland.”

Hyde’s House Pour will be Bombay Sapphire served with Fever Tree Premium Tonic.
The walls in Hyde have been designed by graffiti artist Kathrina Ruperit and her flower style really lends itself to the Hyde look and feel.
IMG_20180403_233931.newIrish design team Third Mind have created the most unique flower wall containing over 7,500 flowers which will be the focal point of Hyde. The bar will also feature custom-made gunpowder Irish gin lamps, bloom Gin vases, and an indoor Green-House.
But Hyde isn’t all about botanicals and Gin.
“We will be serving an amazing collection of Rum, Vodkas, Tequilas and local craft beers and Irish craft beers as well as Japanese beer on draft and using premium products for our cocktail menus which have been designed and created by local talent Pa Burke and Jamie Heighton’ says Leddin.
MidweeIMG_20180409_202451.newk, we will be serving breakfast lunch and dinner and at weekends it’s all about the Big Boozy Brunch! We can’t wait to open and welcome people to Hyde over the summer.”
Hyde is located on Forster Street opposite their sister pub An Pucan, opening on Thursday the 27th of April with the official launch later in May.
Visit their Facebook page here for more information: @HydeGalway