Ireland is “Going Green for Concern”

Across the globe, droughts and floods have almost doubled since the early 1990s. In the 23 countries we work in, climate change is having a significant impact on vulnerable communities.
Many communities rely heavily on farming, fishing and livestock rearing for their livelihood, but with the planet heating up, more and more of these communities struggle to grow or find food and find themselves back on the poverty line.
Climate change is one of the key drivers for the recent rise in global hunger.
We’re working with communities to withstand the damage already being caused by climate change .
By going Green for Concern you can support us to reach more people on the front line of the climate crisis. A greener world has never been so important!

So on 13 March, green jumpers, green cakes, green nails, green shoes – no matter how green you go, the money you raise will help transform communities affected by climate change.

Visit the campaign website for more information on how you and your team can get involved!