by Aishlin Hennigan
Autumn is in full swing and we are beginning to make our way back inside for hibernation. That’s not to say we have to say goodbye to the lush vibrancy from summer. We are showing you how to bring the outdoors in through plants, light and paint. Not only will this wilderness makeover rejuvenate your spaces, there are also many health and psychological benefits to this. Here’s how to do it:

Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours, plants offer many design and health benefits. Adding a fun yet elegant element, they have the ability to transform a room from bland and boring to mature and inviting. Whether you’re a green finger enthusiast or a nervous novice, there are many species that can suit your level of knowledge. Requiring little maintenance, the Peace Lily fits every space with their striking green leaves and soft white flowers. For a more prominent plant, Palms are ideal for filling up dead space in living rooms. It’s a slow grower and only requires water when the soil feels dry. Aloe is another plant with little-to-no gardening knowledge needed. Just leave it in a sunny spot and top up the soil with water whenever it feels dry. Known to have healing properties, these little maintenance accessories can improve mental health as well as physical health. Peace and serenity comes to mind when thinking of plants and it is no surprise as they reduce stress, boost positivity and restore mental fatigue – something we all need after returning to the office. Think of plants as your very own dehumidifier. By emitting oxygen and reducing carbon dioxide, plants improve your oxygen quality by removing dust and cooling the room temperature.


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Mirrors are often kept in bathrooms and bedrooms as a tool for getting glam, however it can also be a handy asset when enhancing light and space. During the winter, rooms will feel darker and smaller. To remedy this problem, harvest the winter sun by placing a mirror opposite a window to allow the light to bounce across the room. This will give the illusion of a spacious room. Seeing double? Mirrors allow a person’s eye to focus on pieces like lighting fixtures or feature walls. Stand alone mirrors elongate the room making the ceiling look higher and feel bigger. Brighter rooms increase your intake of vitamins B and D, increase white blood cells to efficiently fight infections and create an energetic environment.


Are your neutral walls looking a little dull and need sprucing? Splash some personality into the room with paint. Different colours can actually have different effects on your mood and health. Green, the colour of leaves, trees and grass, evoke the feeling of comfort – perfect for a living room. It can help relax senses to lower levels of hypertension and blood pressure. Hues of orange and yellow are high energy colours. They lift mood and can increase metabolism.  Aquatic shades of blue remind people of the sea and have healing effects on the mind. It can slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure and encourage communication. Ideal for areas like living or office spaces.


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Earthy Tones

Earthy tones includes warm beiges, deep chocolate browns and bright goldens. Textures also play a huge role in earthy tones such as coarse stone, rough wood or light wicker. By using stone bricks against a fireplace, organic wood for a side table or wicker footrest in the living room, you can effortlessly allow the outside world to coexist with the inside. Natural wood has been viewed as a comforting material for centuries and recent studies have shown it can improve your mental health and boost productivity by creating a stress-free, relaxing environment.


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