The statement chair is making a come-back!

Statement chairs can do much more than just provide seating. They can be used to create an interesting focal point or to reinforce a colour scheme. Consider it the new wave of decorative accents that combines form and function all while maintaining strict adherence to style and aesthetic. Rather than being part of a set, the accent chair stands out from the crowd.

Many of today’s most popular statement chairs are crafted from natural materials like wood and leather. This is heavily influenced by the classic mid-century style which is taking over the interior design world. Pull up a seat and get ready to discover some bold pieces which will transform your space.

By Orlaith Melia

Featured Image: Moving Mountains, Urban Outfitters, Pamano, Atelier de Troupe


Slipper Lounger from Moving Mountains


Wooden Chair from Zara Home


Coda Chair from Atelier de Troupe 

Vobe Interiors

Lounge Chair from Vobe Interiors 


1960’s Mid Century Chair from Pamono

Urban Outfitters

Woven Chair by Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

Patched Chair by Urban Outfitters

Home Bazar

Rattan Chair by Home Bazar