Interiors: Home Renovations During Lockdown

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Spending more time at home has made us look more at our surroundings. You may find yourself examining your homes and finding a lot more time to think about interiors. Although we are nearly 5 months into 2020 there is no better time than now to update your decor whether that be buying new bed linen or new flooring. It’s time to really enjoy your home and embrace your own style with your interiors.

Looking for decor inspiration can be tricky. We can often find ourselves scrolling through Pinterest for hours on end. So, to save you the hassle we have collated some of our favourite interiors trends to inspire you.

By Orlaith Melia

1. Warm Simplicity

Now more than ever we need a calm, comfortable and chilled-out space. It’s all about creating an inviting space to relax and regenerate. Creating more thoughtful spaces has come from the trend for being more aware of sustainability where natural textures and artisan style are taking the place of bold colours. Simple classic flooring such as oak never looks dated as well as investing in quality furniture rather than quick-fix buys. Along with understated colour tones it is good to layer it with different textures to give more depth and personality to a room.


2. Statement Chairs

Classic Mid-Century style chairs are having a moment right now. Although it seems to be everywhere it is one of those trends which somehow never goes out of style. From Eames chairs to Grossman lamps steel and natural wood still influences designs today. It’s all about creating timeless looks that can evolve over time.


3. Bringing the Outside In

House plants are back! Plants bring a sense of calm and well-being and creates a solid transition between home and garden giving the illusion of more space. If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry there are plenty of other ways to incorporate this trend by using wood and natural hues to make your home feel more relaxed and bright.


4. Up-cycling and DIY

Recently we have seen a huge rise in people up-cycling and personalising their homes. There is a big focus on sustainability as we become more educated and interested in reducing our carbon footprint. Our purchases are more considered favouring quality over quantity. Now is the perfect time to up-skill and challenge ourselves. Using pallets for a bed frame or table can be achieved easily giving a room personality.