Interior Atmosphere: Sophie’s Rooftop

Sophie’s Restaurant

When planning ahead and choosing the perfect venue for your night out, it is important to consider both the space and atmosphere as well as the menu. Luckily, Galway is filled with venues that pack a punch when it comes to interiors that create the ideal ambience. 

Perched on top of The Dean Hotel’s folded limestone facade is Sophie’s Rooftop, the latest in trendy restaurants in Galway City. The new venue is built on the old Clifden to Galway railway tunnel and is still visible in the hotel. Designed by the talented Ann Marie O’Neill, the restaurant takes on a rustic, bohemian style, resulting in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere while maintaining a modern feel. Many elements of this design are in keeping with the Dean’s other locations in Dublin and Cork. The medley of bold colours, patterns, and natural finishes welcomes all and matches Sophie’s Irish-NewYork-Italian menu well. The restaurant’s most striking feature is the top floor veranda, which gives a panoramic view of Galway City like no other. The natural wood ceilings and angled parquet flooring is dynamic and emphasises the views beyond. The space’s overall style has become very prominent in Irish design due to its high appeal, especially to western countries. Without a doubt, Sophie’s Rooftop is a place to bring Galway newbies you’re looking to wow.

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