People, Places and Things
With Tatiana Dobos

After visiting Ireland briefly in 2009, Tatiana fell in love with the people and landscape of Galway, which has now become her forever home and continuous source of inspiration. Tatiana’s work is permeated by a mindful, meditative state, and each piece is crafted individually using some of the most common types of clay like stoneware and porcelain and a traditional hand-building technique to express her sensibility to simplicity and permanence.

Describe yourself in three words: 
Relentless, Curious, incurable dreamer
What is something our readers not know about you:
Contemporary dance or more exactly poetic movement is another passion of mine. I do dance a lot in the studio while working, I could probably say that dance is part of my creative process. 
What is your proudest accomplishment:
Everytime I’m stepping into the unknown, is the greatest accomplishment. 
Who is your biggest inspiration:
Film directors like Pedro Almodóvar, Céline Sciamma, Andrei Tarkovsky, Wim Wenders, Luca Guadagnino and the list continues. Another more recently discovered hero is Olivia Laing. Also for movement Pina Bausch’s work is always a great guidance. I think inspiration comes from a  multitude of experiences and emotional reactions to them, it can be anything and everything, the trick is to get yourself exposed to the new.
Tell us something you love about Galway:
Galway is home, I love so many things about it .. its creative vibes, heartwarming people, Saturday Market with all its treasures, the so close shores where I can get recharged, the list is endless. 
upcoming events
Ceramics #2 at Cahir Arts Gallery 13th July  to 28th of August
Argilla Italia, Faenza 2,3 and 4 of September
New collection online release 15th July.