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…With Mise Tusa

Mise Tusa is a mother-daughter founded slow fashion and lifestyle brand based in the west of Ireland. Designed and created in their studio on the Wild Atlantic Way and made with a strong environmental and ethical conscience, Mise Tusa has a mission to nourish individuality while honouring craft, community and the environment. Having just opened their pop up at Jardin du Palais in Paris, we chatted to Meritta and Bridget, the people who have created this timeless and mindfully created design. 

Describe yourself in three words:


Meritta: Inventive, resourceful, practical.


Bridget: Determined, altruistic, passionate.


What is something our readers might not know about you?


Meritta: When I first moved to London over 30 years ago, I set up a sandwich business. I’d bake homemade brown bread using Irish flour I had brought over and make-up sandwiches. I’d then cycle around London at lunchtime going to garages, joineries, offices, (anywhere I thought I’d find some Irish craving brown bread!) selling my sandwiches. 


Bridget: When I was younger and felt that I had suffered a great injustice, say not being allowed to stay up past 9pm, I would write a very persuasive letter to my parents, laying out the facts to argue my case, and also pulling at the emotional heart-strings – I guess you could say I was always very passionate!


What is your proudest accomplishment? 


Meritta:  My proudest accomplishment (so far this year!) is opening our pop-up shop at Jardin du Palais-Royal, Paris. This started with a simple “imagine if…” and has turned into a wonderful journey. We packed up our campervan in Galway with the collection and the shop fit, got the ferry to Cherbourg and then drove to Paris, we made our dream a reality! 


Bridget: One of my proudest accomplishments was the publication of the report on The International Human Rights Impact of Fracking, that I co-authored with my colleague Rowan Hickie as part of our work at the NUIG Irish Centre for Human Rights. Fracking is an environmentally destructive process that has a devastating impact on affected communities. It was a deeply meaningful and proud moment to be able to use our legal and human rights knowledge to support the work of the incredible grassroots activists. 

Who is your biggest inspiration?


Meritta: My grandmother was my biggest inspiration. She was a strong, independent woman, ahead of her time really.

Bridget:  Mom is my biggest inspiration – and no she’s not paying me to say this! I still learn so much from Mom, she’s someone who just goes out there and makes things happen! I feel very lucky that we get to work together. 

Tell us something you love about Galway:

Meritta: I love the creativity of the people in Galway, it has a great artsy feel. I feel so inspired living in Galway.

Bridget: Growing up in Galway, I think it can be easy to take it for granted but since living in L.A, London and now Paris, I  really appreciate all Galway has to offer and I’m very grateful to call Galway home! I also love being outdoors in Galway, whether that’s long walks in the woods or along the prom in Salthill to swimming in the sea. 



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