image: Severin Ettlin


People, Places and Things

with Katie O’Connor 

Galway based musician Katie O’Connor can often be found serenading on shop street with her remarkable combination of voice and guitar playing. When she’s not bringing joy to the streets in the west of Ireland, she is busy touring throughout Europe and further afield, in fact we caught up with Katie fresh off the plane from a recent tour in Germany. Here Katie shares her love of Galway and how she has learned to trust the path that makes sense to her by living moment to moment. 

Describe yourself in three words:

A Joy-driven Soulful Songstress

What is something our readers might not know about you?

Although I have been busking for years, I still get butterflies before I play the first few songs so I close my eyes to stay calm and close to the music and to the company it brings. 

What is your proudest accomplishment?

My biggest inspiration.. how could I choose just one! John O’Donohue, Maya Angelou and my good friend Angie Morgan have hugely inspired the ‘how’ and ‘why’ within my songs. With Celine Dion and Ani DiFranco somewhere in the mix of muses. 

Image: Rainer Eric

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My proudest accomplishment is the decision to share music in my own way. Learning to feel out the road moment by moment, being open to guidance and trusting the path that makes sense to my heart and head. Practising this has led me to a beautiful relationship with myself, with music and to many wonderful friendships and moments.

Tell us something you love about Galway:

There is a lot to love! I love the humanity, humility and resilience of the creative communities in Galway. It feels like a gift and a privilege to be a small piece of that magic.

You can find Katie on all platforms @caitomusic