In Conversation with Irish Musician & Songwriter Mundy



Musician, songwriter and a lover of words, stories and music, Mundy is a family man during the week and a troubadour at the weekends.
We catch a day in the life of one of Ireland’s much loved musicians!


The alarm goes off at 7.50am. I press snooze. At exactly 7.58am, the alarm goes off again. I give in, get up, brush my teeth and wash my face before I proceed with a few grunts and herd my two children in to the bathroom to do the same.

The next half hour is a battle to get cereal into them and their school uniforms onto them. I try to have a boiled egg or two with a slice of brown toast with some cheese and tomato washed down with a cup of good coffee.

By 8.45am, we are in the car and off to school. If I have been working all weekend, I’ll go back to the magic mattress for a couple of hours, otherwise it’s more coffee or, if I remember, I might meditate. Usually after that I’m set up for some creativity. This usually happens in my little music room which I call ‘The Kennel‘. If I need lyrics, I do it in the house because it’s brighter in the morning and there’s some useful books to go to that can unjam my flow.

By 12.30pm, I usually have some words sorted or the rough rhythm track if I’m looking to lay down the skeleton of a song. Now I am thinking of what the girls might eat for lunch. I always turn the oven on to 200C while I’m figuring that out – in case it’s an oven job.

After I pick up the kids, I usually check emails and social media for messages and reply to what is urgent. If there’s a tour or record coming out like there is now, I liaise a lot with the PR people who help to organise radio, television and press interviews for me. I find social media takes up too much of my time. Think of all the great songs that got away in the world!

What’s for dinner is usually next on my daily menu. The oven goes back on and I’ll prepare something light for the kids if they had a big lunch and then something for me and my wife. She works an intense job so when I’m around I try to be as useful as I can. We try to get family time in between 6 and 8pm. Eating, chatting, messing, bickering, cuddling, or just watching one of our favourite movies.

I like gardening when my brain doesn’t work. I grow herbs which I cook with. I got some good tomatoes this year which are unbelievable raw with a little pesto, black pepper and scrambled eggs!

Bedtime is like herding cats! If that is successful, I will go to my local swimming pool at 9.45pm for a bunch of lengths and ideally go for a pint of plain and do the crossword on the way home. If I have two or so, I will check on the song from earlier that day!

Sometimes I just catch a skyhook and glide into town and live the dream – because I’m worth it. I drive to all my gigs now for head space and audio books are my new thang. And around she goes again.

Mundy is going back to his roots and celebrating the album that kick-started his career. The tour is entitled Jelly Legs 21.


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