How To Budget For The Festive Season

Christmas Gifts
Christmas can be the most expensive time of the year, especially if you don’t plan ahead. Money Maximising Advisors gives some tops tips on how to spend smart for the festive season.
  • Create a budget, stick to it and shop around for the best prices
  • Children don’t care how much their present costs so don’t waste money on expensive presents that have little value in their eyes
  • Secret Santa is a great way to minimise the amount of presents you need to buy, especially for large families
  • Plan your nights out and take out your cash before having your first drink. Once that is spent, go home!
  • Try to avoid using your debit/credit card on nights out as you will lose control of what you are spending

To find out more about preparing your finances for Christmas, check out the Money Maximising Advisors’ website.


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