Houseplants to Make Your Interiors Bloom

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Winter can sometimes seem a little bleak due to the lack of green in comparison to the warmer months. Having some plants scattered around your living area is a great way to add life to your home decor. Find some inspiration here to make your interiors bloom. 


1. Ivy

While it’s usually associated with the exterior of a house, ivy actually makes a great addition to your interiors too. It can be arranged to hang from a shelf or frame an alcove, the options are limitless. Ivy has become a super trendy way to decorate any room in your house.


2. Schlumbergera

This is a winter-flowering cactus. It will live for years and requires extremely little maintenance. All you need to do is keep it in a warm room and give it a little water about twice a month, and you should be able to enjoy a lovely bloom come Christmas.

3. ‘Air Plants’

If you’re not a fan of soil, these are the plants for you. You can hang them up for a gorgeous arrangement and spritz with mist every once and a while. Super easy to take care of, no mess and make for a beautifully finished display.

4. Indoor Terrariums

The variety with terrariums is great as they can be tailored to suit any space. From size to contents, you can really go big and bold or small and neat. Add in some stones to really help create that ‘mini world’ look. The hardest part about these can be assembling them, but you can always buy a ready-made one or ask for one to be arranged by your local garden centre.


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Summer may be over, but you can still create a delightful atmosphere in your home with this Plant collection from @lsainternational

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5. Donkey’s Tail

Like most succulents, these are very easy to care for. If it’s left to grow, the donkey’s tail will hang down, which looks great when placed up on a shelf. It is a great example of the wide variation there is in succulents. Donkey’s tail looks great in these cement pots too.


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