Simple Hallway Styling Ideas with EZ living

Out of all the pieces of furniture that you own, your hallway table has more power than most to influence people’s perceptions of an entire home. When someone opens the front door of your home, the first thing they’re likely to see is the hallway table, so it’s a great idea to spend a little time styling it to your taste and keep it nicely decorated.

The starting point, of course, is to choose a table, with the first question often being whether to get one with or without shelving. If you plan on storing numerous items on the table, it’s best to pick one that has shelving and drawers.Hallway
Consider how the table looks within your hallway – a fine, large table might work on its own, but impractical for a narrow space. Opinion can be divided as to whether a symmetrical or asymmetrical appearance is better. Your decision might be influenced by the style of the table and the hallway. If both table and hallway are traditional in style, a symmetrical placement of objects is ideal. For more modern spaces, a slightly imbalanced structure can capture the eye brilliantly, although you don’t want the structure to be too asymmetrical or else it will make the table arrangement look unfinished.

Check out this video from EZ Living Interiors for a host of great tips to help you create an exquisite hallway table design.

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