By Ieva Bruzaite

It’s Halloween weekend! To get you into the spirit of the festivities and to spark some inspiration, we have complied a few make up looks that are low effort but high reward. You can try these looks to add to your existing costume or have your makeup be the actual costume, if that is more your style. Whether it’s glam, spooky or a mix of both, we (and Instagram!) have you covered.
Blood Thirsty

For a perfect mix of glam and spooky, try adding blood-like drips. If you don’t have fake blood, lipstick or lip liner would do the trick.

Glam Web

For those of you who want something simple but still somewhat festive, this is a perfect option! There’s a lot to play around with here like the eyeshadow colours and even how far out you bring the webs.


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Bats, Bats and More Bats

Don’t have a specific costume in mind? Draw some bats! No two bats need be the same – inconsistency is key here.

Return of the Dead

If you’re going for a more spooky look – just go heavy (Heavy!) on the contour and really emphasise those under eye circles. Bonus if accompanied with messy hair.


Want to look like you successfully fought off those Halloween terrors and looked good doing it? This one is for you!

Bloody Skeleton

If you’re using Halloween as an excuse to go all out on glam (we’ve all been there) but still want to look as though you are participating in the festivities – try this glamorous bloody skeleton look!

Vampire Look

This vampire look is as complicated as you want it to be. Not skilled enough to add the highlights and shadows in the right places? Don’t. The messier this look is, the better.


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Glam Skeleton

Another version of the glam skeleton that doesn’t require much time or talent. If you want, you can opt for the design to spread over your whole face or just one side like it is here. Experiment with colours and thickness of lines. Glitter is optional but a striking bonus.


This simple look will dress up any outfit – even a little black dress!


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Through the Cracks

The beauty of this make up look is the fact that it looks like it requires more effort than it actually does. All you need is a black eyeliner and a rough idea of how many ‘cracks’ you want to create. No need for perfection for this one!