On World Vegan Day, the Vegan Society released the first ever app to helps you go vegan. If you’ve been considering taking the plunge, the ‘VeGuide’ app may just be the extra helping hand you need! 

vegan society

The application, available on  Android and iOS devices, is an introduction to a vegan lifestyle through a combination of interactive content with shopping, nutrition and recipe information. It helps users deal with issues such as giving up cheese or struggling to find vegan products by covering the basics of transitioning to a vegan lifestyle over a 30 day period.

The charity has looked to celebrities, dietitians and vegan experts in order to bring together the very best advice that VeGuide users will be able to benefit from. The video content is presented by prominent vegan YouTubers RaeLikesFroot and Jay Brave who act as personal guides, exploring the most common stumbling blocks to going vegan. There are also quizzes and a rewards programme for products registered with the Vegan Trademark.

Budding vegans will be encouraged to stay on track with facts and motivational quotes, specifically tailored to the reasons why they said wanted to take the plunge.

To celebrate how far the Vegan Society have come and in honour of World Vegan Day, this app is the perfect stepping stone for beginning your vegan journey. 

Banner image by: https://veganliftz.com


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