Hairdressers and beauty salons across Ireland have gotten the green light to reopen this week and we couldn’t be more excited. For a significant number of us, the closure of hair salons and barbers during the pandemic represented one of the most irritating impacts of Covid-19. With courageous customers attempting at-home haircuts as the professionals watched on in horror, it’s safe to say we are definitely ready for our post-pandemic glow-up.

A fresh haircut can be a liberating feeling – getting rid of your old image and embracing something new, symbolising a fresh start and a new identity as we emerge from our homes. There is a desire for a fresh look to begin a new chapter, along with the fact that many of us have spent the past year staring at ourselves through a screen. After spending so long looking at the same hair, many of us will be hungry for a change. However, with age comes grey hair, and sometimes leaving your hair colour natural looks best. Embrace the natural you and opt for an interesting cut instead. Below are 5 women who prove that it’s chic to let your hair go naturally grey.