Galway Colleges Join Forces to Raise Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health
NUI Galway Students’ Union, GMIT Students’ Union and Please Talk have joined forces to raise mental health awareness for students with a new campaign called ‘Mental Health Mondays’ which starts October 1st.

This awareness campaign will look at a particular theme each week that affects college students and their mental health. Topics the campaign will cover include settling into college, substance abuse, self-esteem, gambling, mental health supports and looking after your head. Funding for the campaign was raised by a special screening of ‘Meetings with Ivor’ in the Town Hall Theatre Galway organised by film producer Tomas Hardiman and Town Hall Manager, Fergal McGrath.

Emma-Louise Duffy, Welfare Officer of GMIT SU said: “This project highlights how we all have mental health and just like our bodies, some of us are in better shape than others. That’s okay. It’s about teaching people the self-awareness to identify that, and how to signpost the places that you can get care when you need it. Monday can be a hard day for students, they might be feeling homesick after leaving their family at the weekend, or worried about the week ahead. Whatever the feeling is, we want to shed some light, alert people that there are supports in place, and ultimately bring a bit of cheeriness into our students Monday morning!

Clare Austick, Welfare and Equality Officer of NUIGSU, had this to say: “Mental health campaigns are extremely important as there is an evident negative stigma attached to it. When you think of physical health, everyone immediately thinks of different types of sport, happiness and endorphins whereas when you mention mental health, you’re more inclined to think of the negative aspects such as depression, anxiety and suicide. It really shouldn’t be like that – everyone has mental health. If you’re feeling down, reach out and talk to someone. There are so many different support services for students to avail of.

According to Treasa Hanniffy, National Please Talk Officer: “This campaign will highlight several areas of importance for student mental health and will remind everyone that talking to someone that you trust really helps. There is support available no matter what you are going through. For more information visit the Please Talk website or call your Students’ Union.”

If you also would like to learn more about and gain support for your mental health, visit Mental Health Ireland’s website.

Mental Health Mondays


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