The third annual Galway Cartoon Festival programme launch kicks off from 6.30pm at The Black Gate on Monday, 7 October!

Join the Galway cartoon community in a fun-filled evening with guest speaker Galway City Arts Officer, James Harrold. An art auction of local and national artists’ work will also take place. Showcasing unique and exciting talent from the Irish cartoon scene, the festival will run from 8 – 18 of November. The 11 day programme of diverse events includes art trails, workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions taking place across Galway City. The programme boasts exhibits from leading international cartoonists as well as a retrospective of one of Ireland’s most famous practitioners.

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But with sustainability being the word on everyone’s lips, perhaps there is a way to restyle these pieces moving forward rather than racing to our latest fast-fashion retailer for that new season refresh? Learning to shop and curate our own wardrobes is a bril- liant way to get the most out of our clothes whilst being a touch more

mindful of our impact on the planet. So whilst we may not be able to carry our summer staples all the way into the depths of the Irish winter, here’s how you can get just a little longer out of those key pieces.


Whilst a pair of strappy sandals may not be your friend when the frosty winds arrive, incor- porate some heavier layers to stretch their life span and hang onto those carefree summer vibes for a touch longer. Denim is a failsafe option here for the bottom half, whilst lightweight knits and a denim jacket will keep you warm on top.


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