Foraging – A Walk on the Wild Side


In the west of Ireland, we are fortunate to have an abundance of edible plants, herbs, fruits and wildflowers growing both along the coast and deep in our forests. Through learning the skill of foraging from trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced individuals, we can practice safe identification and use ecologically and environmentally sound harvesting methods while also learning how to appreciate our environment.


If you’re looking for a fun activity incorporating environmentalism, sustainability and foraging, then a trip to the sea with Mungo Murphy is perfect. The team at Mungo Murphy Seaweed Company are experienced in everything from growing, collecting, drying and packaging seaweed as well as growing abalone, sea cucumber, sea urchins and samphire. You can now enjoy seaweed foraging tours, discover and explore the Connemara coastline with the Mungo Murphy team and digest their vast knowledge and favourite things about aquaculture in the west of Ireland. 085 7583862


Jörg Müller is a Medical Herbalist (B.Sc. Hons), Master Teablender and co-founder of Solaris Botanicals. He grew up being treated with herbs throughout his childhood and vividly remembers going foraging for wild, edible and medicinal plants. Joerg’s hands-on foraging course will help you to identify at least 30 wild plants with culinary and medicinal uses. He uses simple identification methods, so you will be more confident recognising the plants yourself in nature. Join him on one of their truly engaging & fun foraging courses for a fantastic experience to develop your understanding of foraging and to learn more about cooking with wild foods. For more information and to book your place, visit


Olwyn Williams is a forager and yoga teacher based in east Co. Galway. Central to her work is connection; connection with self, to local landscapes, to the cyclicality of the seasons and to life. Olwyn believes it is empowering to pick and eat wild food and reduce our dependence on global food supply chains. In her experience and the experience of her groups, few things bring more delight than eating wild fruit fresh from the bush! Olwyn offers foraging walks and workshops to introduce people to the many common plants we can use for food and medicine, especially those in our gardens and hedgerows. In addition to learning safe identification and ecologically sound harvesting practices, participants of these workshops get to sample lots of wild foods and learn ways to prepare and preserve them. For a full list of events and to book your space, contact 087 9047553