Fit & Fabulous at Fifty – Meet Weight Loss Inspiration Valerie Leahy



Like so many busy working mothers, Valerie prioritised her family and work over her health and weight. At almost 17 stone, an uncomfortable size 22, constantly sick with weight-related issues and very unfit and inactive, Valerie knew it was time to make a change once and for all.

“It was on doctor’s orders that I joined Weight Watchers and started a regular exercise regime. With my 50th birthday approaching, and almost six stone to lose, I set myself a target of losing an average of 2lbs per week to get me to goal for the big birthday”. Within three weeks, I was down a dress size and felt fantastic. I lost weight every single week – all those half-pound and pound losses really add up.

I absolutely love the new SmartPoints (SP) programme where nothing is off limits. Healthier options are better SP-value, effectively encouraging you to make better choices. You even have a weekly ‘points budget’ for treats and you can gain bonus FitPoints by doing exercise. This method made it easy to live, eat out, enjoy special occasions, and still stay on plan.

After a few months, due to the weight loss, I had reversed one serious health condition and reversed a second ongoing medical condition a few weeks later (I was told I had added 10 years to my life as a result). My eating habits have changed beyond recognition. I eat a lot of lean pVL80lbsrotein, healthy fats and filling foods. The best thing is that I can still indulge my sweet tooth and enjoy dessert every day. I love experimenting with new flavours and recipes. I’m known as ‘Blonde Nigella’ in an online WW group thanks to my daily dessert creations!

After just 11 months, Valerie hit her goal weight, losing 80lbs (5 stone 10lbs). “I lost the equivalent of four car tyres! I went down five dress sizes so I love buying clothes now and being interested in fashion again. I have a new zest for life and I’m just brimming with energy. There’s no more lazy-mum-on-the-couch, I’m out there having fun with the kids and I finally feel like me again”.

‘My message to anyone thinking of overhauling their life is: go for it. You’ve nothing to lose but the weight. If I can do it, anyone can. It will be the best investment you ever make in yourself. You’ll have fun along the way and you will be amazed at the positive changes that getting healthier and fitter bring.’ 

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