Searching for the ‘perfect’ wedding dress can be quite a momentous task. When looking for my own wedding dress, I expected to have that big dramatic moment where I knew instantly that a particular dress ‘was the one’. I thought that when I found ‘The One’, just like the movies, there would be tears, classical music echoing through the building, champagne flowing and perhaps even fireworks, you name it!

However, the reality was very different from expectations as this was not the case. Instead of finding ‘The One’ dress, I found a lot of dresses that I loved equally, but there was no big moment. I found it so easy to know what dress wasn’t ‘The One’, the moment I put one of those dresses on I wanted it off again. Whereas when I kept finding dresses that I loved equally, but not one more than each other, it was hard to make a decision.

Each dress I loved had a different quality that I loved. So rather than it being that moment of knowing instantly, I needed to go away and think about the different aspects. What dress suits my shape, which portrayed my personality the most, did it highlight the parts of the body that I wanted to show off, did it camouflage the other parts of the body I did not want to draw attention to, was it comfortable enough to wear all day, did it work with my budget, was there many adjustments needed, did it suit my wedding location, was it the right material for the time of year I was having my wedding, did I need support underwear with it and the list went on.

And to be honest, these were all good questions; wedding outfits are so expensive! The pictures last forever and you want to not only look and feel beautiful but be comfortable in your skin all day too. In the end, I narrowed it down to two completely different styles that suited an hourglass figure, a cream A-line dress with a low neck, and low back, and then a white ball gown with a high-neck. Next, it came down to personality; the ball gown was a classic look, while the A-line was more boho. Two totally different looks that I loved equally, so it came down to choice – I finally decided on the A-line boho style due to my shape and height! Knowing your body shape category is a good place to start when choosing a wedding dress or outfit, but use it as a general guide and go with your gut feel- ing. Say ‘I do’ to the dress that makes you feel beautiful and covers all other aspects I’ve mentioned above too.

Words by Siobhan McHugh


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