To celebrate International women’s day I have gathered some of my favourite pieces from some of the Art World’s most iconic women. Their art has heavily influenced stereotypes and cultural attitudes. Some pieces date back to the beginning of the movement but their importance and relevance remains the same.

-Jade Tierney

What is Feminist Art? There isn’t one solid roadmap that links every feminist artist. Different artists combine different experiences, movements, and dialogue to create something that reflects their truth. An artist that aligns their work in this category has something to say. There is meaning and intent behind everything that went into creating it.  Since the movement emerged in the ’60s its aim was to ask questions and break down the patriarchal walls that dominated all aspects of the female experience. Through art, artists Highlighted political and societal injustices and retold the narrative that had been laid out for women, but this time its told by women.

Alexandra Gallagher – Forbidden Fruit

Artist ‘Ugly Baby’ – Feminist Shower Art

Mary Beth Edelson – Some Living American Women Artists (1972)

Samantha Conlon – The Girl Kings

Shirin Neshat – Rebellious Silence (1994)

Tracey Emin – Sad Shower in New York

Cindy Sherman – Untitled Film Still (1978)

Howardena Pindell – Video self-portrait from Free, White and 21 (1980)

Judy Chicago – The Dinner Party (1974)


Barbara Kruger – You Are Not Yourself (1981)




Feature Image- Orlaith De Burca