Expert ideas for planning Children’s bedrooms

Designing children’s bedrooms comes with different challenges to those designed specifically for adults. They need to be inspiring and some- where children feel at home. My Fitted Bedroom designer Megan Baker shares her insider secrets on tricks of the trade to transform a dull and boring box into a functional, fun space that even kids can keep tidy!

– Investing in storage solutions, tailored to a level little ones can reach.
– Put items they frequently want to access themselves in under bed storage
– Having a small step stool in their room is another great idea.
– Have a double rail in the wardrobe.
– Maximise wall space with wall-mounted storage at a higher level.

– White is the most popular choice for fitted furniture and wardrobes.
– Colour themes and bright accessories can be worked into rooms.
– Light wood finishes – like beech or soft grey – can work well.
– Coloured furniture can be applied.

Small/Box Rooms
– These types of rooms are perfect for fitted furniture.
– Utilise under bed/over bed storage to get things up off the floor.
– Introduce bespoke lighting as a feature in a small room.
– Plinth lighting is easily incorporated into fitted furniture designs.
– Shelf lighting can be a great feature also.

– Sliding wardrobe doors can be tailored to angles and sloping roof spaces.
– Lofts are practical for little ones who won’t be challenged by low eaves.
– Angled sliding wardrobe doors are perfect for making the most the space.
– Floor to ceiling full-width wardrobe leaves lots of extra space.

– Investing in a double bed from toddler make good financial sense
– It’s good for sleepovers and will accommodate them right up to adulthood.

– They’re only young once. So why not take their ideas and run with them!
– Install blackout blinds with special frames that sit within the window.
– It’s surprising how quickly they will outgrow ‘children’s furniture’.
– Age-specific items are best introduced with fun themes and accessories.