Exclusive images from the Galway Best Hotels event at this year’s Galway Races in Ballybrit.

Images: Martina Regan

GBHotels-9026 GBHotels-9023 GBHotels-9020 GBHotels-9017 GBHotels-9013 GBHotels-9030 GBHotels-9043 GBHotels-9054 GBHotels-9061 GBHotels-9068 GBHotels-9071 GBHotels-9073 GBHotels-9080 GBHotels-9082 GBHotels-9088 GBHotels-9095 GBHotels-9103 GBHotels-9104 GBHotels-9113 GBHotels-9121 GBHotels-9170


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