Words by Claire O’Farrell
The Coronas have earned their place in the hearts of Irish audiences as one of Ireland’s biggest and most-loved bands. Following the release of their highly anticipated fifth album, Trust The Wire, Claire O’Farrell spoke to lead singer and guitarist, Danny O’Reilly.

I spoke to the handsome and self-assured rock star over the phone. Half disappointed that I couldn’t witness the awe of his stature and beauty in person, half delighted that I could get away with another day of dry shampoo, I eagerly dialled his mobile number. Danny’s kind and expectant voice on the other line put me instantly at ease, and straight away I was back to wanting to meet him in person! Alas it wasn’t to be, but we chatted for half an hour about his hugely successful and no doubt, thrilling career so far.


Trust The Wire reveals The Coronas most confident and refined record to date. The album’s name is taken from a lyric in the last song on the album, Look At All The Lovers. “It’s about being ambitious and we felt like that line represented the album quite well. It’s about trusting that if you take the chance, it will pay off. A lot of the lyrics are about us as a band trying to refocus and remind ourselves of why we love what we do,” Danny explained.

The band was keen to evolve through their new collection. “We didn’t want to just do another Coronas album for the sake of doing it, we wanted to change it up. The compulsion to constantly develop our music brought with it a self-inflicted pressure and I think as you get older, you become a little more self critical – you always want to improve. When you are in your early twenties there is a certain naivety, you don’t over-think things. In a small way, I am envious of my younger self but then it’s quality control as well. I used to write more than I do now but I think the standard is a little higher.”

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