Winter is here and what better time to cosy up in the comfort of our own home and entertain some friends. While our main focus is usually the food and drink that we serve at a dinner party, it is worth taking some time to “set the scene” with a beautiful and inviting tablescape. Maria Reidy from Signature Editions brings us her top tips to creating the perfect dining experience for you and your guests. 

Start from the bottom up by using beautiful linen to create a stunning base for your decor – a tablecloth, placemats and napkins will create a beautiful foundation for your tablescape. Don’t be afraid to play with colour or texture for a unique touch.


I love to use candles and the more the better for Christmas and the winter season. My one golden rule is to always use good quality candles that are 100% wax – cheap candles may splatter and ruin your table or linen. Mix your candle sizes and candlestick heights to create layers of light. Start high in the middle and then get lower until you have tealights at the base. Consider the lighting in the room and attempt to use candlelight only for that special ambiance.


Fresh flowers are good for the soul! Why not indulge this season and support a local florist at the same time.  Be imaginative with vases; a ceramic mustard jar makes for a great vase as does a nicely shaped marmalade jar. The key is to keep it simple and don’t over think it. Wild and foraged florals not only look great but are a great cost effective option for your table.


Why not use beautiful glassware and perhaps add in a coloured water glass to enhance your setting? Rather than put in something that feels out of place or alien to the space, try to compliment the existing space and not compete with the surroundings. Always remember that table décor should be below or above eye level so that eye contact can be made easily with your guests.


My main tip is time! To enjoy the dressing of your table, give yourself plenty of time to do this and enjoy the creative process. Trust your own taste and stay true to your individual style. Your table doesn’t have to be “perfect” and at the end of the day the more relaxed the host the better!