Work is a huge part of our daily lives. It is who we are and what we do. Living in a world surrounded by social media, celebrities and reality televison, it’s easy to buy into the myth of overnight success. Real and sustained success can takes years of careful planning, hard work and, most importantly, unwavering bravery.

For us to advance in our careers, we need to be comfortable as leaders and risk takers. We tend to look at all the risks and what could go wrong before we even consider the benefits of success. Are there more negatives than positives? We can waste so much time searching for magic shortcuts to success and fulfillment when the only real path is staring you right in the face: just go for it. Stop wishing and start doing.

The Local Enterprise Office, previously The County Enterprise Board supports early stage and existing businesses. Breda, who has been working with LEO since November 2010, lives vicariously through her clients, who created 192 jobs in Galway last year.

Breda graduated with a Commerce degree from UCG (now NUI Galway) and went on to qualify as an accountant before doing her Masters in Management Practice at Trinity College.

“I came from a role as a consultant supporting early stage and small to medium companies. The variety of supports available really interested me. I always felt that access to agency supports was quite confusing for clients and felt that I could help clients to access them easier and more efficiently, which I try to do with varying levels of success. What we do in LEO varies. We sometimes support businesses financially” 

A lot of what we do is advisory, helping people to develop their capability and their market, such as our Building Craft and Design Enterprise Programme for designers and makers. Customer service and client focus are absolutely key.

We really listen to our clients so we can match what they need with the supports available. Every day in the office is different due to the variety of client supports that we offer. We offer training, management development courses, special events and we also have administration days where we are working on client business plans to enable them to apply for funding. We hope to continue to provide even more services and based on client feedback, we are looking at more access to supports so we can help them to scale and grow. I’m particularly interested in the food hub planned for Athenry and the potential for support that will enable it to be an unparalleled site when we get it up and running.

Local Enterprise Office

Prospect Hill, Galway Tel: 091 509090 



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