Spring is in the air, and it’s time to freshen up your interiors this Easter. The newest interior trend that we have seen all over Instagram is Cottagecore. It’s all about a romantic interpretation of rural life and simpler times, using colours, patterns, and details your Granny might have had but with a contemporary twist. It’s no shock that this interior trend has emerged as it’s all about encouraging people to enjoy being in the comfort of their own homes which isn’t surprising since most of the world has spent the last year inside.

Orlaith Melia 

Feature Image: Aisling Kavanagh 

1. Go Gingham

Updated your bed linen and enjoy your Easter lie-in surrounded by pastel hues and the soft morning light. Colour is a great way to boost your mood so why not wake up in a positive atmosphere surrounded by your favourite colours.



2. Colourful Candles

Throughout this year we have seen countless interior brands offering up beautiful colourful candles and in turn, it has become the latest interior trend to hit our favourite home accounts on Instagram. Why not elevate your mealtimes by adding a touch of colour and positivity to your home with these eye-catching designs and create your own Instagram worthy interiors.


3. Fresh Flowers

We love how Aisling Kavanagh adds a pop of colour to her interiors by adding fresh flowers. Fill your home with fresh or dried colourful flowers this Easter and enjoy the smells and beauty they will bring to your neutral interiors. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to incorporate the newest pastel trend into your home, flowers are your best friend.


4. Easter Picnic

Summer is just around the corner and you know what that means outdoor picnics! Bring your interiors to your garden by setting up an Easter picnic. Set your table with fresh flowers and colourful place settings and sit back and enjoy the wonderful sunshine!


5. Pastel Prints

If you are looking to add a touch of pastel to your home, starting with art, is always a good idea. Art allows you to bring in trending colour palettes easily and with incredible impact. Colourful pastels mixed with organic shapes are some of our favourites. Walls can get an instant makeover plus, it adds a touch of personality to your home.


6. Easter Tree

It’s not too late to create your Easter tree! Why not get the whole family involved and get creative with your Easter decorations. Try using pastel shades of pink, blues, and yellows to really stand out.


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