Discovering Irish Design – Barbara Bennett

Barbara Bennett graduated with a BA in Visual Communication from NCAD in 2017. She has since worked as a Graphic Designer with various businesses & retail stores, creating brands, products and packaging both in Ireland and internationally. After honing her design experience in Vancouver throughout 2019, Barbara returned to Ireland in 2020 where she immersed herself into painting and practicing on a variety of different mediums. Influenced by these creative developments Barbara established her bespoke shoe customisation service in which she hand paints her original designs onto shoes. Barbara launched her first collection in June 2020 which instantaneously gained popularity on social media and as a result she has been receiving commissions and collaboration requests ever since. These detailed floral prints are created with sustainability in mind and designed to inspire those with a passion to be colourful, conscious and joyful while protecting the environment they walk on.

‘All my designs are inspired by flowers in my grandmother’s garden. Each piece is created using water based and non toxic paints because I believe protecting the environment is just as important as bringing beauty into it’.

Barbara Bennett