Hilarious comedy duo Sinead Culbert and Sue Collins caught up with Bláthnait Ní Mhurchú ahead of their show in this years Vodafone Comedy Festival to dish the dirt!

Heres 5 life tips from the queens of comedy!

Doing homework with the kids?
Google everything you’ll struggle with your child’s maths homework…even when he’s in Junior Infants.

Irish Mammies coping with Halloween?
For every five times you answer the door to a ‘trick or treater’ pour yourself a glass of wine. Don’t go to WeightWatchers straight after Halloween, because it’ll be you (not your child) who eats the 3 big black refuse sacks full of sweets.

Self-help advice for women with low confidence?
Drink alcohol before you look in the mirror-you always look better after a few glasses of wine. If you don’t drink…start.

Running Mini Marathons?
We personally couldn’t be arsed run- ning any marathons but we do have a tip: Visualise the end line as an off-licence and keep telling yourself it’s 5 to 10.

An important tip for taking off make-up at the end of the day…
Don’t bother your arse.

The Dirt Birds are performing at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway on Sat 26 October at the Townhall Theatre.

Tickets on sale now from vodafonecomedycarnival.com