It seems like only yesterday that the streets of Galway were lined with people, waiting with bated breath to find out whether or not Galway had won the bid to become ‘European Capital of Culture’ for 2020. Now, with just a few months to go, the final plans are in motion for what will be a truly spectacular year of creativity.

The exciting and extensive programme of events for the year will kick off with an official opening ceremony in February 2020 with international company, Wonderworks, who have delivered a number of spectacular Olympic opening ceremonies in the past. Beginning in the farthest reaches of Galway, celebrations will commence in towns and villages across the county, moving closer to the city throughout the first week in February and involving a huge cast drawn from across the community. It will take place outdoors on February 8, 2020 and will be free for everyone to attend. Since securing the bid in 2016, a tremendous sense of anticipation and impatience has been building among the staff and volunteers of the Galway 2020 team.

Check out these exciting Galway2020 European Capital of Culture events on the horizon for next year’s celebrations!


wires crossedIn August 2020, Wires Crossed will transform the streets of Galway with a four-day circus festival of world-class performances and workshops, culminating with the highwire spectacle over the Corrib. 400 people of all ages and walks of life will take part in a spectacular crossing of the River Corrib and Claddagh Basin on highwires over a period of 2020 minutes.


project baa baa

This is a unique programme celebrating the cultural, economic and environmental contribution of sheep in Ireland and Europe. Sheep farmers, researchers and innovators, artists and designers, craft and food producers from across Ireland and Europe will gather in Galway in May 2020, taking Ireland’s agricultural heritage into focus in an EU Congress of Sheep Farming and associated traditions.


mirror pavilion

John Gerrard’s Straw Work and Leaf Work will be located at the Claddagh Quay in Galway city and on the spectacular Derrigimlagh Bog in Connemara respectively. Gerrard’s works are simulations, virtual worlds deceptively looking like film or video. In both works, a number of leaf and straw-covered mythical characters, whose movements respond to ecologies in hyper stress, are generated by artificial intelligence to create a never-ending, constantly evolving performance.


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