COPE Galway Charity Shop is to hold an exhibition of upcycled clothes during Fashion Revolution Week (23-29th April) at its boutique on St Augustine Street, Galway. The display, featuring reconstructed clothes by local creative Eimer Greaney, is hoped to encourage Galwegians to recycle, upcycle and choose ‘slow fashion’ when it comes to styling their look.
Six ways to become a Fashion Revolutionary
  1. Buy Well. Choose natural fibres; touch and really feel the fabric for weight and substance. Many cheaper fabrics seem to be of a higher quality as they have had finishes put on them- but they wear out faster. Sometimes you pay more for a certain label, yet big names can make lower quality items to sell in cheaper shops.
  2. Choose well. Ask yourself, ‘Do I need it?’ We have become victims of over- consumption – most people only wear about 20% of their wardrobe! Curate your closet, edit your wardrobe and find your own style.
  3. Wear it again – buy second hand. Some regular Charity Shoppers view their purchases as clothes rental, as they buy and later re-donate. Charity shops have a great selection of clothes, where you can actually see how they have worn and proven their worth.
  4. Be exclusive. It’s worth seeking out good quality vintage in specialist and charity shops for a special occasion item.
  5. Wash and dry smarter. Over-laundering clothes wears them out faster and is not always necessary. A lot of ‘special’ garments can be cleaned and cared for by handwashing. Learn a few handwashing tricks for silk and wool clothes. Line drying is also great for clothes. It freshens them up and the sun’s ultra violet rays disinfect, so it is worth hanging a woollen coat, blankets and duvet out.
  6. Make it better. Get sewing, visit COPE Galway Charity Shop for resources such as Eimer’s pattern to remake a skirt from old denims and other information for resewing and recycling initiatives.

Fashion Revolution Week developed as a global movement in the wake of the 2013 Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh when 1138 people died and 2500 were injured as a result of a fire in an unsafe garment factory.  It led to questions around the whole ethos of the fashion industry from exploitation of workers to environmental pollution.

The COPE Galway Charity Shop is open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5.30pm. Tel: 091 569715  Visit COPE on Facebook here: COPE


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