Specialising in contemporary art and jewellery, Galway artist Ciara O’Neill brings resin art to life with her stunning new signature collection.

Ciara’s art makes you think, it makes you question. What was she thinking? How does it make you feel? But most of all, do you see what I see? Art is personal and interpretative, and Ciara’s studio contemporary collection is certainly that.

A native of Tuam, Ciara has returned home after living in Australia for over eight years. Living on the Australian east coast, Ciara was inspired by the vibrant colour patterns of the ever-changing landscape. It was there that she was introduced to resin art and fell in love with the process and the scope for creativity it allowed her to reach as an artist.

Ciara dyes the resin with pigments when its still in liquid form and hand pours it on to the canvas or jewellery creating one-off individual abstract pieces. Her designs are inspired by the ocean and its many hidden secrets. This process, coupled with a period of personal growth, has led Ciara to her most powerful art work collection to date.

I had been through a very tough time. I was lost in myself so when I returned to Ireland, I threw myself into my art. It saved me in so many ways. I chanelled all my fears, worries, doubts and pain through this collection. There is light, darkness and everything in between in the pieces. It was a real reflection of where my head was at and how I was coming through. When I look at it all now, I really love it. I don’t resent it. It was such a powerful time in my life when I had no power but through my art,” explained Ciara.

Ciara has also taken her art and created a wearable collection through key jewellery pieces including statement neck pieces, rings and stud earrings. These, along with her art, add a serious pop of colour to any outfit or room. Her pieces range from small prints to resin tables to larger scale pigmented resin on wood in solid oak frames.

Ciara O'Neill

To see her full collection, check out her website or get social on Instagram and Facebook.