It is popular among families in Ireland to make a night of putting up the Christmas tree; listening to festive music and embracing the familial nature of the holiday. But as the days fly by, the initial shine of decorating the tree begins to slip. There are needles all over the floor, the cat has knocked off half the baubles and you just can’t seem to get the lights to stay on the right setting. Why not save yourself the hassle and mix things up this year? There are so many alternative options when it comes to a show-stopping Christmas tree. Here are some of our favourites…

Christmas tree tapestry

Buying a tapestry of a bare Christmas tree is a great way to save on waste, clean up and money. It will last for years, there are no issues with set up and you still get to use your traditional, bespoke decorations! Just thread them through the fabric or attach them with a safety pin!

Tree branches

This is a beautifully simple idea. Collect some fallen branches, trim them to size, loop on some of your favourite baubles and you’ve got yourself a tree! Add in some fairy lights and attach the branches to a wall and you’re all set! It’s a crafty experience for all the family to enjoy together.

Christmas tree leaves

For more of an artsy twist on the traditional Christmas tree, why not try out this abstract concept? Pull a few branches off a tree in your garden and attach them to a wall in the shape of a tree. With a few decorations added in, this idea’s simplicity is extremely effective.

Christmas tree photos

This incredibly creative design involves printing out several photographs of a tree and merging them together to build the illusion of a real-life Christmas tree! If you and your family are especially artistic, why not put a twist on this by drawing the segments yourself! With a few fairy lights strewn across the creation, it’s the perfect alternative.

simplistic christmas tree

And finally, here is an effortlessly elegant alternative. Consisting of a bundle of sticks stacked one on top of another, dotted with lights and baubles and topped with a wooden star, this idea is a perfect rustic alternative.

If you try any of these out at home, make sure to #GALWAYnow on your recreations!