Caroline Foran and Jo Linehan of GAFF Interiors have joined forces to present a brand new series that will help you make the most of your living space. The Good Room, which is available on RTÉ Player, is dedicated to finding out what inspires homeowners as Caroline and Jo take them on a journey through colour choice, making small changes and transforming their bad room into their good room.
‘Room to Improve’

Jo and Caroline first met as colleagues at IMAGE Magazine with Jo working in print media and Caroline working on the digital side of things. After embarking on their respective freelance careers, their light bulb moment came when they were chatting about interiors one day. “I had bought a new house so I was really into the whole decorating buzz. We had both previously worked in interiors and felt like it was really on the up as we found a niche for something different,” Caroline explained.

After spending some time working in New York, Jo observed the huge interest in the interior world. “Suddenly everyone was going to flea markets buying second hand bits and doing their décor themselves. Our aim is to democratise interiors and show people that it is not a big deal and you really can have so much fun with it.”


‘All About That Place’

To ensure that your living space is as fresh, personal and comfortable as it can be, Caroline advises adopting a fluid approach to decorating. “Nowadays, there is a lot more freedom because things are more affordable so you can change your soft furnishings with the seasons. I have a really bright pink neon lamp at home. This time next year I might be over it but I’ve not spent so much on it that it will be a massive loss if replace it.”

What we love about these two is that they appeal to the masses. Not everyone has their own property so The Good Room is about working within your means and making the most of your space. Although there is less freedom as a tenant, Jo finds that you can still personalise your living space. “My bedroom is changed once a month. I will swap the prints on the walls, change the bedcovers and cushions – it just really freshens it up. Things like a new rug or wall hanging can make or break a room. Irish people take such pride in having a home and because that’s not a reality for everybody, it’s about making it all it can be, whatever your situation.”


 ‘Room Revival’

So how do we go about our very own room revival? “We would always say spend on the important things and have fun with the added extras. You are going to have to invest in a really good sofa and a bed, that’s a given. But you can afford to go a little cheaper with accessories,” Jo explained. “There are outlets and high street stores that are selling really good quality homewares now, and they are so inexpensive.”

Stylists to the core, sharing a passion for the eclectic which shines through at every opportunity, the creative pair believe that if it looks good, it feels good to be around. “As soon as a room becomes well looked after, it’s respected, and it changes the whole vibe of a house for sure. It’s really satisfying,” added Jo. Caroline equated interior styling to changing your wardrobe with the seasons. “You need to take the same attitude that you have to your wardrobe and apply that to your interiors. That way, you can regularly make the space feel like an entirely new room.”

‘The Good Room Vibes’

During filming, Jo and Caroline got up close and personal with their clients. Jo laughed as she explained, “We arrive on the first morning and it’s all very polite. By the time we leave on the second day, we are hugging and playing with the kids. We are in their living space for two days so we become very close. It has to be casual, we want the owner or renter to get stuck in and give us their opinion. We have the experience and we know what will and won’t work. We get the vibe they are going for and then steer them towards an overall look. It’s so rewarding to see people so happy in a room that we have created especially for them.”

Keep an eye out for Jo and Caroline on their website and catch The Good Room on RTÉ Player here – The Good Room