‘From 2008 to 2023 and we have been humbled and generously supported by our incredible customers. We are beyond grateful and will strive always to deserve your patronage. Thank you all and our amazing staff past and present for 15 years of good times.’ – Team Basilico.

To understand the journey of Basilico Restaurant Oranmore, you have first to explore the climate and context under which they opened in 2008. A serendipitous meeting between the Coach House Owner and Fabiano Mulas and Paolo Sabatini at a restaurant in Salthill led to a journey of many amazing experiences. Opening in February 2008 against the backdrop of the property crash was a brave move that led to a very successful business model in the heart of Oranmore.

The menu at Basilico has been an evolution from the beginning. Paolo Sabatini tried the Italian purist route with his menu but quickly realised that a menu needs to cater for the majority and therefore quickly adapted to offer a mix of good authentic Italian specials and more local traditional Irish food and this has been a winning combination. This ability to adapt and stay current and passionate is what is at the core of their success. 

At Basilico, the team is the key factor and the familiar faces of staff that have been with this Restaurant for years is testament to their dedication to a positive working environment. It is nice to be recognised and for a business to remember your name or your favourite drink. Simple things like a good quality napkin, a table cloth, a good glass, and the right spoon all elevate a dining experience.

Over the last 15 years, they have created a business where family occasions are at the heart of what they do. From Christenings to Confirmations, to first dates, engagement parties, boutique weddings, friends meeting up and also the sad partings of loved ones they do it all so well. This attention to detail in service and presentation assures their customers a consistent and reliable dining experience. Since day one, Basilico has worked with local suppliers and they continue to work in that way today. Their dedication to quality continues on their own farm and is centred around growing and offering their customers fresh produce, which is delivered daily. 

Celebrating their 15th anniversary in February 2023 is a huge milestone for them. They have withstood the prevailing changes and risen to each challenge. Basilico is planning a series of celebrations to mark this wonderful achievement, including the continuation of their very successful Food series, which is a gastronomy tour of the regions. In February, as part of their celebrations, they will also host some surprise events, and we look forward to celebrating this momentous achievement and the year ahead with them in style. 

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