Brunch, Lunch and Dinner in Clarenbridge

AJLA Restaurant in Clarinbridge is bringing good food and the community together.

AJLA Restaurant, an exciting addition to the PoppySeed brand, brings a refreshing dining experience to its exquisite home in Clarinbridge. Offering a wide range of menus to tempt all tastes and palates, each and every dish is freshly prepared by the team of experienced chefs under the direction of head chef, Judy Forde.

An award-winning chef with extensive industry experience, Judy has led the food story at PoppySeed since it opened in 2007. Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, their classic dishes are the cornerstone of the AJLA food journey and their innovative specials celebrate the best quality produce from local suppliers.

Make the most of your weekend and pop into AJLA for some truly delicious food offerings.


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