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Boutique Optical Christmas 2019

Operating in a luxurious private consultation room in Urban Wellbeing, Galway, Boutique Optical offers eye examinations and spectacle style consultations to discerning clients on a 1-to-1 basis. Proprietor Cathal Dillane, BE BSc MSc MCOptom speaks to GALWAYnow about what people can expect from his exclusive opticians service.

Boutique Optical winter 2019

Why did you open Boutique Optical in Galway?
“Working as an Optometrist in Ireland, I’ve had so many friends tell me they couldn’t find the fashionable eyewear they sought, or that their glasses were breaking far too easily, and so I took the decision to open Boutique Optical in Galway. Our goal is to make the very best of fashionable, bespoke, sophisticated eyewear available to the people of Galway and the surrounding area.

What differentiates Boutique Optical from similar services?
“We bring expert eyecare and boutique eyewear to people who value luxury and exclusivity, with a discerning taste for exceptionally high-quality spectacles, sunwear, and sportswear. We also combine boutique brands from around the world such as AHLEM, DITA, MASUNAGA, MR LEIGHT, LINDBERG and RedBull SPECT. These are unavailable anywhere else in Ireland and have the highest quality lenses available on the market. Our prescription spectacles are fitted with the top of the range Essilor lenses, a market leader and innovator in vision quality.

How important is it for people to feel comfortable with their choice of eyewear?
For some people, eyewear is an essential part of their day, whether that’s reading a book, working in the office, watching tv, or having a fun evening out with family and friends! I feel it’s important to offer fashion-conscious people the chance to add to their sense of appearance with high quality, fashionable, boutique eyewear unavailable anywhere else in Ireland. Choosing the correct pair of glasses to suit your face and appearance is not as easy as it might seem!

What can a customer expect from an appointment with you?
At Boutique Optical we offer a styling appointment where we measure your face shape in order to find the correct shape spectacles for you. With options in several sizes, shapes, and colours, we can make each pair bespoke for the individual person, be it for fun, for work, or for a special occasion”

How does someone book an appointment with Boutique Optical?
You can book a full eye examination online for a time that suits you, including evenings and weekends. If you would prefer to simply be fitted for prescription frames and sunglasses, you can also book a style consultation online. You can also call 0858661402 for further details or visit our website at

Boutique Optical Christmas 2019Boutique Optical, Urban Wellbeing, Tuam Road Retail Centre, Galway, 085 8661402,, Facebook: @boutiqueopticalgalway, Instagram: @boutiqueopt

Photos by: Donal Kelly