Top 5 beauty gifts for her this Valentine’s Day

Skin Academy is making it easy for husbands, fiancés and boyfriends to shop for Valentine’s Day presents for their loved one this year. 
After carrying out a survey of 10000, the skin-care company have rounded up this year’s 5 most wanted beauty products. 

1. Hydrating Serum-Sheet Mask

First on the list and favourite of 86% of respondents are sheet masks. With their ranges of facemasks catering for different types of skin and the possibility to add more or less sebum to the mask, Skin Academy allows partners to give the gift of a soft, supple and refreshed skin this Valentine’s. 

Price: £1.99

2. Exfoliating Foot Socks (with Tea Tree and Peppermint)

Foot Socks come in second, also a very popular item among women surveyed. Who doesn’t like to pamper their feet? Thanks to Skin Academy’s affordable Foot Socks, women (and men, this Valentine’s Day) can save on a salon treatment as the exfoliating foot socks allow for the same experience from home!   

Price: £2.99

3. Collagen Gel Eye Patches

74% of the women surveyed agreed that Gel Eye patches should make it to the top 3 beauty essentials. 

4. Anti-Pollution Mud Mask

Anti-Pollution Mud Masks are incresingly popular and 69% of the women surveyed would consider it a skincare essential and great Valentine’s gift.

5. Moisturising Hand Gloves

Although still not considered part of skincare routine to many women, moisturising hand gloves “should be considered a priority” says Holly Wagman from Skin Academy. 54% of the women surveyed placed this item in fifth place for ideal beauty Valentine’s gifts.


These different beauty treatments have been gaining in popularity since 2019 thanks to the introduction of more active ingredients such as collagen and vitamin C to beat the cold winter blasts.
Holly, who conducted the research said: “When it comes to beauty and skin care routines, women know what they want and what works for their skin but their partners could be none the wiser when it comes to Valentine’s gifts that don’t break the bank!  That’s why we’ve done all the hard work this year, so you can hit the shops knowing what would put a smile on their face and avoid a frosty reception this Valentine’s Day!”


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