Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a treatment which takes advantage of our body’s own natural healing ability to promote rapid cellular regeneration. Now available at Galway Skin Clinic, PRP rejuvenates the skin leading to a healthier, younger appearance, here we explain this wonder treatment in more detail and share the benefits it can offer.
How does it work? 

During this type of treatment a blood sample is extracted from the patient and the plasma, a nutrient rich fluid, is isolated using a centrifuge. This plasma can then be injected into a target site to promote stem cell proliferation and vascular formation, which increases collagen and elastin production. This process rejuvenates the desired tissue and has a broad range of therapeutic applications. 

What can it be used to treat?

PRP can be used to treat a number of concerns including: hair thinning, fine lines and wrinkles, skin ageing and thinning and dark circles. It can also be used on acne scarring and stretch marks.

How long does it take to see results?

For cosmetic treatments, patients often notice brighter and more radiant skin within days. The collagen stimulation continues for up to six weeks leading to progressively healthier and younger looking skin. Best results are achieved when the treatment is carried out as a series of three sessions once a month with a top-up treatment every 6-12 months thereafter. 

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