Beautiful Beetroot and Ricotta Salad Platter

Nassima Rothacker Bettinas_Kitchen_BeetQuin_005
Check out this brightly coloured, bound to impress salad platter from the author of ‘Happy Food’ Bettina Campolucci Bordi. This dish can be enjoyed on a hot summer’s day, or when you need a nutritious and more substantial salad.

Serves 4


1 batch macadamia ricotta

Lemon juice, to taste

Salt and pepper, to taste 

For coating the cheese:

1 tbsp mint

1 tbsp parsley

1 tbsp basil

Pink Himalayan salt and black pepper, to taste

For the beetroot quinoa:

4 small beetroots

440g quinoa

For the salad:

Mixed baby salad leaves

2 oranges, sliced

Bunch of mint leaves

Salad dressing


  • Use a fresh batch of macadamia ricotta or let it ferment for a day. (The difference between leaving it to ferment or not is the added benefits of the probiotics and the acidic ‘cheesy’ taste it gets from the fermentation process.)
  • Then add salt, pepper and lemon juice to the cheese until you have a good balance between salty and acidic.
  • Roll out a big piece of cling film and add all your cheese mixture to it – you can choose whether you would like a skinny cheese roll or a bigger one. (It may be nicer to have bite-sized pieces, meaning a skinnier and longer cheese sausage.)
  • Once rolled, let it set in the fridge for an hour.
  • After an hour, or when it has set, unwrap the ‘sausage’ from the cling film.
  • Chop all the herbs on a chopping board or plate, and roll the nut cheese sausage in them, then slice into discs.
  • Put the beetroots in a big pan of water with a pinch of salt and let them boil for about an hour until soft. Cool, then purée in a blender until smooth. Set aside.
  • Cook the quinoa according to the packet instructions. Make sure you don’t use too much water. You can use the ratio of 1 cup of quinoa to 1 cup of water.
  • I start by letting the water boil, then add the quinoa, put the temperature right down, cover and cook until all the water has disappeared.
  • Once the quinoa is fluffy and ready, set aside to cool.
  • Once cool, gently fold the beetroot purée into the pan until all of the quinoa has been covered.
  • Put together the salad by plating the salad leaves and topping with the beetroot quinoa, the orange slices, mint leaves, sliced herbed nut cheese and drizzle with a zesty salad dressing.

Happy Food by Bettina Campolucci Bordi (Hardie Grant) €20