The knot in the pit of your stomach. The inner voice quietly advising. The dreams that predict an outcome. The niggling feeling of something being ‘off’. The synchronistic events that prompt us in a particular direction. A strange knowing that something significant is about to happen. A strong emotion towards someone or something. All of these are tied to your intuition.

Think back to those times you had a hunch about something — how did it feel within your body? Did you listen to it? Did it turn out to be true? I have listed three segments of advice on how best to strengthen and trust your inner wisdom. Which, in turn, allows you to deeply trust yourself, since as the saying goes – only you truly know what is best for you.


Messages from your intuition tend to be softly spoken, so spending time in silence will help you clearly hear and interpret these messages. Regular meditation or breathwork practice for even ten minutes per day will help you clear the mind of distractions and teach you how to better recognize the subtle impulses from within.


Pay attention to sudden feelings, and learn how your insights tend to come through for you
individually. Getting to know your nervous system better will allow you to have more conviction in your own decision making, rather than consulting outside parties. Additionally, it will allow you to tap into how you feel when in the presence of others by observing your
energy levels and feelings.

When the cognitive mind is distracted, it can throw off the intuitive right brain and subconscious mind. However, when you are sleeping, your cognitive mind has time to rest, and opens space for the subconscious mind to send you signals through visualisations.

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