Shane O’Malley is a Galway based artist who explores a world of colour, form and symbols through painting. His work combines dedicated studio practice and awe-inspiring public mural art which adorns homes and a vast expanse of outdoor buildings. Regardless of where Shane’s work is presented, it offers a sense of perspective, peace and reflection.  

As a child, Shane was always creating things and would spend hours drawing. In 2001, he began exploring graffiti culture, eventually inspiring the signature strong use of colour seen throughout his work. He reflects on its importance, ‘Graffiti then and now has been a huge influence in my life. Over the years, this has evolved to painting more character-based street art and large geometric murals.’ His choice to work with colour and geometrical shapes has further been inspired by the German art school “The Bauhaus” and the teachers who taught there. He says he liked the order, the flat block colours, the hard-edge lines and the modern aesthetic of the style. Inspiration is further drawn from Art History and the wider Graffiti community. He says, ‘The work of Kandinsky, Josef Albers, Robert, and Sonia Delaunay and, more recently, the work of graffiti artists Felipe Pantone, OS Gemeos and Barry McGee has inspired me. We are all connected via social media, which can, at times, inform and validate how I view some of my paintings. I’m not sure if social media is a totally positive experience, but it gets my work out to a larger audience.’


Read the full three page feature on Shane O’Malley in our latest January/February issue of Galway Now magazine on shelves now. Images: @juliadunin