Amy Huberman Tops Poll For Favourite Irish Celebrity Smile

A recent Poll conducted on 150 Irish women on behalf of celebrity teeth whitening and clip-in veneers clinic “Teeth Whitening Fairies” shows Irish women love actress Amy Huberman’s smile,

Aisling Burke, who runs Teeth Whitening Fairies clinic says; “It’s no surprise to see Amy Huberman has topped our poll of Ireland’s favourite celebrity smiles. Amy has great teeth and beautiful lips.

Ireland’s Top 10 favourite smiles:
  1. Actress Amy Huberman
  2. Presenter Vogue Williams
  3. Singer Una Healy
  4. Social Media star Doireann Garrighy
  5. Blogger Pippa O’Connor
  6. Presenter Laura Whitmore
  7. Presenter Lucy Kennedy
  8. Model Thalia Heffernan
  9. Blogger Suzanne Jackson
  10. Sportswoman Anna Geary
Top 5 tips on maintaining white teeth after getting them whitened:
  1. Use an electric toothbrush:

Although brushing with a regular manual toothbrush may suit some people, they can’t compete with the power of an electric toothbrush when it comes to pummelling away stubborn stains like red wine, coffee and even spices like turmeric and certain curries which tend to cling to teeth.

  1. Watch out for foods that stain teeth:

There are certain foods that you wouldn’t think stain the teeth, but they do, such as ketchup and soy sauce. Avoid any foods that would leave a stain on a white blouse and treat your teeth as if you would that blouse. If you have the discipline, rinse your mouth out with water after you drink a black tea or coffee.

  1. Stick to a “white diet” until your teeth have settled down after a whitening session:

There’s no fear of white foods staining teeth, so if you want lasting results from your teeth whitening session, steer towards foods like rice, daily, potatoes, white fish and pasta until the teeth have settled down and are less porous.

  1. Use dental floss:

Remove the nasties that gather between your teeth with a daily flossing session. Tiny particles may get lodged between teeth that you may find hard to see, but it will make a difference when you’ve flossed them out! Think of it as vacuuming your mouth!


Teeth-WhiteningThe Teeth Whitening Fairies clinic offer a teeth whitening service using an organic gel suitable for sensitive teeth. Results show teeth whiten up to 12 shades per session and priced at only €40 for an amazing result in just one hour. The Teeth Whitening Fairies use laser to whiten the teeth and use an organic gel which is a safe formula that protects teeth and is suitable even for weak teeth.


To book an appointment at the clinic, visit

Telephone: 087 992 0559




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