Afternoon Tea at The Hardiman

Afternoon Tea

The History of Afternoon Tea and The Hardiman go hand in hand. Both date back 170 years to Victorian Times when Anna the 7th Duchess of Bedfordshire felt hunger pangs mid-afternoon. The story goes that Anna, 7th Duchess of Bedford, complained of “having that sinking feeling” between lunch and dinner. These days, she would have been sent on her way with a protein bar and cup of coffee, but times were different in 1840 and she was, of course, a Duchess. So instead, a tray of tea, bread and butter and a selection of small cakes were brought to her in her boudoir. The spectacle of the whole thing led to her inviting friends around and before she knew it, “afternoon tea” became the thing to do for upper class and society women. I suppose the Duchess was what we’d now call an influencer! Fast forward to 2022 where The Hardiman has recreated the elegance of this gracious institution. A symphony of gentle indulgence, The Hardiman Afternoon Tea is a time-honoured tradition, which has been savoured by generations of guests at The Hardiman. Afternoon Tea is served in the luxurious surrounds of the parlour lounge of this iconic hotel in Galway. It is an afternoon to be cherished, enjoyed and remembered.

On arrival, you will be welcomed by our team and seated at your reserved table giving you a chance to take in your surroundings and soak up the atmosphere. Your Afternoon Tea service will begin with an assortment of delights discreetly served by our team. A tiered cake stand stacked with triangular sandwiches, Chefs just baked mini scones, and dainty pastry works of art. All served on our signature decorative Schonwald China with linen napkins. 

Afternoon Tea at the Hardiman is served daily from 1.00-4.30pm. To reserve your Traditional Afternoon Tea at The Hardiman please email or call +353 91 564041.