A Day in the Life of RTE News Reporter Teresa Mannion

A senior news reporter with RTE, Teresa Mannion has been based in the west for more than a decade. Two years ago she became a global sensation when her impassioned – avoid unnecessary journeys – weather report went viral during Storm Desmond. Her most recent turn in the spotlight was as a contestant in the hugely popular Dancing with the Stars when she did a weather-themed Tango echoing her time on the Salthill Prom!

There is no such thing as a typical day for me! News reporting is so varied that you have to wake up and be of the mindset to expect the unexpected. I usually get up at around 7.30am. I try to eat a decent breakfast before I head out because I might not get a chance to eat again for hours. I love poached eggs on toasted brown bread or crackers with loads of tabasco sauce and black pepper. When I’m on the road I like to have an Americano on the go but I try to limit my coffees to two a day because I get wired!

On days that I’m organised, I pack a salad which is usually tuna or salmon pieces with spinach leaves or iceberg lettuce. I throw in whatever I have available and I always have apples andTMTeresa-40 nuts in the car to tide me over. Dark chocalate is another favourite of mine and I like to nibble on a square or ten!

Sometimes myself and the crew eat lunch together after we complete our first deadline for the one o’clock television and radio bulletins. If we are on a running story and working after six for the nine o’clock news, we will eat a proper dinner if there’s somewhere nearby. If it’s been a long and exhausting day, I will devour battered fish and chips with mushy peas!

I’m not always working into the late hours and I like to cook when I’m home at a civilised hour. My two sons, Cian and Tom, are students at NUIG and they love a home cooked meal. We live across the road from the university so I tend to feed the hordes on the nights I’m home! Irregular hours are part of my job so I keep the freezer packed up with pizzas for food on the go. I’m not Superwoman!

My downtime is all about family and friends and I’m happiest sitting around the kitchen table with casual grub and wine and beer and belly laughs. We have a large kitchen and it doubles up as a rehearsal space for Cian and his band, Ignition. I sometimes snap when the house resembles a bomb site because I’ve adopted so many students!

I’m a native of Dublin and come from a family of seven so I’m on the motorway a lot. There’s always some occasion to celebrate. My parents are in their eighties so I like to visit them as often as I can. We’re a very close family even though some of my brothers and sisters live abroad. For the past few years I’ve been hosting Christmas dinner in Galway for everybody. It’s chaotic but so much fun. I don’t stand on ceremony for my family and everyone pulls their weight!

On a purely ME basis, I love to get away from my all male household on occasion and hook up with my gal pals. They love coming to Galway but sometimes we pick a halfway spot like Athlone and meet for a night of craic!

My hobbies are reading and creative writing but I rarely get to do anything other than scripting for news. Both my boys are writers and musicians so I live through them a little. In another world, I would have been a screen writer. To be honest, putting on my pyjamas and watchng Netflix on the sofa witTMTeresa-32h a glass of wine is as good as it gets!

Obviously my job and my profile means I get asked to a lot of events and charity gigs. As a breast cancer survivor, I try to do my bit for the cause and the latest was judging a Strictly event for Cancer Care West. I cannot over emphasise how good they were to me during my tough times so I was more than happy to give something back.

I’m probably asked about half a dozen times a week to judge dancing competitions around the country. Given that I could hardly put one foot in front of the other before DWTS, I always find this a tad ironic!

That said, a new found hobby is dancing with Galway Swing and I attend drop-in classes whenever I can. We did a shoot there recently as part of an RTE Nationwide special on dancing. I’m the guest presenter and I look at the huge interest in dancing as a result of DWTS. Aswell as looking at the broad mix of classes across the country, I’ll be going behind the scenes at DWTS 2 and finding out who my partner, John Edward Nolan, is teamed up with this year. I cannot wait!





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