Comedian Enya Martin, the force behind hit Facebook page Giz A Laugh, will be performing at the Vodafone Comedy Carnival Galway on Sunday 28 October at The Town Hall Theatre.

So it’s Monday morning. I usually wake up around 10 am and the first thing I do after I open my eyes is check my phone. As my career is based around social media, I check all my platforms for some new activity. I also check my emails. I get really excited checking my emails as every day there is a new opportunity in my inbox.

I love working for myself as I get to work on my terms. 2018 has already been so much busier than 2017, so I have definitely had to put a structure on my days. Next thing I do is have a quick bite to eat, usually a toastie or a bowl of cereal. I don’t have the patience to be cooking up a storm when I’m half asleep. After I feed myself I call my manager, Vincent. I usually ask for an update on ticket sales for upcoming shows, or if there have been any interesting enquiries he may have received about me. I then message my online agent who is responsible for getting me work with brands etc. I’ll always be back and forth with a brand as I will produce a video for them and they may have some changes, so the process can take a week or two.

I then look at my checklist. Before I go to sleep every night, I make a checklist for the following day – people I’ve got to email, errands I’ve got to run and things like that. At the start of every week, I always write a script for the video that I’ll be posting that week. I post one video per week across all my social media platforms. One is enough, any more and you begin to annoy people, any less and people might forget about you! I then get showered and hit the road.

I always go to McDonald’s Drive-Thru to get myself a Toffee Latte, it’s a habit and it makes me a bit more productive. I might pick up a bit of food for my dinner that day. I live at home and I follow a diet so I make my own meals. After I finish my meetings I usually head into the city centre for a coffee with my manager or I might have a newspaper interview, podcast or collaboration with other content creators lined up. I get home around 6 pm, make my dinner, chill out, check all my platforms and emails again and then write my checklist for the next day. I then have some downtime and watch a bit of Netflix or YouTube. I find that I get my creative inspiration at night time so when I’m completely relaxed in bed, I turn the lights off and start thinking of new jokes to add to my stand-up set. It’s really weird, some of my best jokes have crossed my mind at 3 am! I hop up out of bed and write them on a notepad so I don’t forget them the next day. That’s just how my mind works!


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