A Day in the Life of Award Winning PR guru Sharon Bannerton

Keeping up with the hectic schedule her busy PR company demands has seen Sharon Bannerton adapt a somewhat healthier lifestyle.

I’m one of those people who just loves the morning! I’m up at 6am, winter and summer. Once the alarm goes, there’s no hanging around. I wasn’t always like that, but making the most of my mornings sees me refreshed and ready to take on whatever a long day of PR and media has to offer. I cycle to the gym for my work out, and I always try to challenge myself on the fitness front. I did my first triathlon in June, I’ve done a couple of ‘Hell & Backs’, and I’m now training for the Ring of Kerry Cycle next year. It’s as much for my mental state as my physical one!


I’m usually home from the gym by 7.30am for breakfast. I’m finished with the school run now as my son is in college so I have a bit more flexibility with my own time. I eat two boiled eggs and spelt toast every morning. I appreciate the importance of eating a good breakfast as I might not get to eat again until evening. I’m not really into food, which is somewhat a laugh as my sister owns Taste of Dublin! I went to boarding school and once your palate becomes accustomed to eating cardboard, it’s hard to change! I’m in the office by 9am or at a meeting elsewhere, having probably replied to numerous emails by then.

There’s no set time for work for me; I’m always working. I enjoy what I do – there’s a great buzz about finding unique news angles to support a client’s business or promote a new product. It can be extremely stressful though, especially co-ordinating events and dealing with a range of different clients, but it’s also satisfying when an original idea takes off.

We’re the current Business & Finance PR Agency of the Year, so we’re doing something right! Working in PR, you’re constantly on call as media is 24/7 these days. Social media is very much part of the modern communications armoury at the moment and we have just opened a new department within Bannerton to co-ordinate clients’ digital and social media with print and broadcast news opportunity.

SB2Lunch, if at all, is normally on the go. I’m not into sandwiches or wraps so it’s very restrictive. Today I had a banana and a beetroot shot, washed down with a bottle of Vit Hit. Dinner is usually around 7ish, if I’m not out with clients or media friends. I try to eat fish and chicken over meat, but I do love a good steak every so often.

Indulgence is an occasional piece of Butlers dark chocolate and I de-stress with a massage or facial using Académie skincare products. In my spare time I like reading, particularly a good crime thriller. I also love the outdoors and would often go on a good hike or a long cycle, particularly when at home in Galway. I love listening to the radio, not so much music, but an interesting piece about someone’s life or new business venture.

Now that my son is older and out and about more, I very much enjoy my own company. Coming from a large Ballinasloe family (I have four sisters and a brother), finding solitude is pure pleasure. And, if and when there’s a good deal with an airline, I love to go off and explore a new city for a couple of days!



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